Inbound Marketing Automation = Make More Money

Gossamar: The smart way for your business to make more money
Inbound Marketing Automation - make more money!

Inbound Marketing Automation - make more money!

Inbound Marketing Automation = make more money!

Readers of this blog will be aware that I sometimes take an unfortunate soul to task over his or her sloppy thinking and or writing. I find myself in the uncomfortable position of having to aim that criticism at myself today!

Yes indeed. Mea Culpa. I wrote a post for Raintoday which was published a few days ago. The post was entitled, “How an Inbound Marketing System Can Help Increase Revenue”

Through no fault of theirs, though, the post is convoluted and doesn’t really convey what I was trying to say. I guess I’m not used to having an editor and being forced to work within word counts…. My apologies to Raintoday and their readers and I’m going to try this again. Lets hope I do better.

I believe there are 7 ways in which Inbound Marketing Automation systems boost your organization’s profits. Some of these increase revenues, some of them reduce expenses. Taken together, they contribute significantly to your bottom line.

Without any further ado, then, Gossamar’s 7 ways to make more money using Inbound Marketing Automation.

  1. Attract more traffic to your site using Inbound techniques like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and, if needed, Pay-per-Click advertising. In some cases, traffic increases of several 100 percent are achieved!
  2. Engage these visitors on your site with your thought-provoking content. Content so appealing that these visitors are willing to exchange their name and email address to get it. By doing so, they effectively give you permission to market your goods and services to them. This important step places the prospects into your funnel securely. All you have to do now, is keep them in it, until they are ready to buy.
  3. Nurture and cultivate the prospects with multi-touch, or drip-email campaigns. Inbound Marketing Automation systems increase conversion rates by as much 250% (according to a Hubspot study).
  4. These nurturing campaigns free up sale's people time because your prospects are busy educating themselves by exploring your site (and the competition’s), learning about your technology and solution, comparing it to others, and driving themselves around their own buying-cycles. Your sales people now work with prospects who are advanced in their cycles. They close deals more quickly, speeding time to revenue.
  5. By integrating sales and marketing teams, the effectiveness of both groups increases dramatically. By working more closely together, and by ensuring that every lead is followed-up to its logical conclusion, you no longer waste leads. Your teams get better at sorting chafe from real wheat.
  6. Use Return on Marketing Investment calculations to prove which campaigns work well and stop spending money on the ones which don’t deliver results. ROMI calculations are made possible by Inbound Marketing Automation systems because they provide a 2-way connection to a sales force automation solution ( Customer Relationship Management or CRM) like Salesforce or Sugar. These pipes carry all your prospect information into the CRM, and deliver back to the Inbound Marketing Automation system the sales opportunity values for each prospect, tying it automatically to the campaign which produced the lead.
  7. Outsource! By getting Gossamar to design, operate and maintain your Inbound Marketing Automation system, you are faced with one low monthly bill for what is essentially a dedicated, extremely experienced marketing team who works tirelessly to field inquiries and manage your leads, prospects and the funnel and pipeline, 24/7.

To read more about these 7 ways, please either watch our movie, or download the white paper, or call us today for a free consultation to explore your options.

Bit-by-Bit #56 from Eric.

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